Condominiums for rent in Phuket — prices and seasons

Oct 17, 2018 / by Kirill Vyalykh

Condominiums for rent in Phuket — prices and seasons

The market of condominiums for rent in Phuket is presented by condominium units and apartments in small residential complexes.

Restricting the search for condominium units rentals, real estate websites demonstrate different numbers. For example, has 1046 accommodation options, and has just over 2000 options. Another service shows the number of 876 apartments in condominiums in Phuket, has about 400 condo units.

Taking into account that there may potentially be “duplicates” of condominium units from different agencies on some search services, other websites of the agency or owners may not be posted, presumably in the real estate market of Phuket about 1000 apartments in active rent.

At the same time, given that in the next two to three years, the market will replenish about 35 new condominiums with a number of rooms of more than 6,000 apartments, most of which will lease, we can assume that competition in the leasing market will increase.

But it is also worth considering the almost double growth of tourist flow to Phuket, which, in fact, provokes the active construction of rental properties on the island.

Rental price of apartments in Phuket

When it comes to apartments in condominiums in resort areas, that is, for short-term rent, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment varies from 1,200 to 5,000 baht per night.

The cost of condo rental in Phuket primarily depends on two factors:

  1. Location — distance from the beach, infrastructure of the district
  2. Season — season of the year, days-off or holidays

How location impact on rental pricing

Everything is quite simple with location – the closer to the beach, suitable for swimming – the more expensive. Prices on the west coast of the island for two similar apartments in equal distance from the beaches will be about the same. However, it is possible that in Patong it will be possible to find an apartment cheaper, but it will be paid for by a rather noisy atmosphere and access to the island’s most attractive beach. The coastal part of the Kata district and Karon, mostly occupied by hotels and apartments, most often, will be located 1-3 kilometers from the beaches.

How rental pricing depends on season

With the seasons on the island, the situation is a bit more confused, since the island is popular with a large number of countries with their own seasons: Russia, China, Singapore, India, South Korea. Also, the seasons of domestic tourism are taken into account. But for ease of understanding, the situation can be simplified to 3 basic seasons:

  • Green season — the period from May to October. The weather is less hot, sometimes it rains, the wind is mostly westerly, which causes sea swell along the entire western coast. July and August are the time of holidays and vacations in China, September is the holidays in schools in Thailand.
  • High season — the period from November to April. The air temperature in the afternoon is higher than 30-32 degrees Celsius, the wind from the west subsides and the beaches get an “ideal” view. In European countries, the cold begins, the period for traveling to warmer countries.
  • Peak season —  this season includes such holidays as the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese New Year (mid-February), the Thai New Year in mid-April, or other national holidays, when the demand for holidays on the island greatly exceeds supply.

Также поступаем и мы, управляя инвестиционной недвижимостью на Пхукете. В нашем управлении несколько объектов, один из них — новый кондоминиум со 178 квартирами, расположенный в 500 метрах от пляжа Ката, на западном побережье.

Thus, given the location and seasonality on which the demand for real estate depends, the landlord builds a grid of prices.

We also do the same by managing investment property in Phuket. We have several objects in our administration, one of them is a new condominium with 178 apartments, located 500 meters from Kata Beach, on the west coast.

VIP KATA Condominium — 500 meters from Kata beach

The main advantage of the VIP KATA Condominium complex, as you can guess, is location. The Kata beach in a walking distance – only 500 meters for 7 minutes. Well-developed touristic infrastructure, a wide range of restaurants, cafe, massage parlors, stores and night markets. Relatively calm atmosphere because there are no loud night clubs in the area. Kata hs more family atmosphere for vacations with kids.

hotel near Kata beach phuket

The price of one-bedroom condominium apartments in the complex starts from 1500 Baht in “green season” and up to 5000 Baht in “peak season”. The price include cleaning service, breakfasts served at the restaurant of condominium.

Infrastructure of VIP KATA Condo include: 2 buildings in 5 and 7 floors, 2 common pools, one of them is on the roof of the building, also a restaurant, bar, gym and kids club.

You can rent an condominium unit for short term and long term and enjoy the walking distance to one of the most beautiful beaches of the island as much as a comfortable infrastructure for the vacations around the condo.

More information about apartments rental in Phuket in complex you can find on the project page Grand Kata VIP – the name of hotel complex on the base of the first phase of the construction of condominium.  In August, 2018 the construction of the second phase has started.

Buying of apartments in condominium

Apartments in the VIP KATA Condominium are sold to the property of foreigners who wish to receive a stable fixed rental income, as well as to rest in their apartments at any time.

On the project page of VIP KATA Condominium you can find how to buy an apartments in Phuket 

Condominium units

Picture galleryof condo apartments in VIP KATA. There are one-bedroom, double, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments with separate bathrooms, living room and kitchen in the complex.



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