Travel with Kids — Family Weekend in Phuket

Phuket Island in Thailand is one of the most welcoming and convenient directions for family vacation. Travelling with kids is not only joy and excitement about new impressions but also a trial for parents to some extent. How to have a perfect vacation? What are advantages and disadvantages of  travelling with a kid to a tropical country? What to expect from the local lifestyle? Let’s briefly take a look at the main points.

Climate and kids

Usually children easily get used to hot and wet climate. The most important is to endure the first days of acclimatization: don’t let a child swim a lot, avoid getting cold in airconditioned rooms and staying under the sun for a long time. It seems to be evident but needs to be repeated. Preparing for the trip provide insurance, don’t forget to take a medikit with medicine you usually use.

Beaches, sun and kids

One more important thing is to avoid sunburns. The most common mistake of people coming from countries with cold climate is to sunbathe a lot. Don’t sunbathe under the tropical sun without using sun-protection cream. When planning your vacation remember that afternoon entertainment shouldn’t be held under the midday sun.

The best time for going to the beach with kids is from 8 am till 10 am and from 4 pm to 6 pm. Don’t go to the beach at 12 pm, stay in shaded places at the beach. For children it’s better to restrict staying at the beach to 1-2 hours. Judging by these recommendations vacation on the island is not only going to the beach for sunbathing, that’s why choosing hotel and entertainment facilities is also important.

Entertainment on the island

If you choose a family hotel, there you can find kids entertainment facilities like shallow swimming-pool for little kids, water slides and fountains, game club and playgrounds. However, not every hotel can offer this. The most frequent alternative you can find is a kids room with toys for which kids will lose interest in a couple of hours. But there exists an exception – family hotels or complexes.

One of such family hotels in Phuket is a family villa complex Rawai VIP Villas where parents can enjoy spending time with their kids in Rawai Park.

Rawai Park

Rawai Park is the park which includes kids swimming-pool and water slides. 40 cm deep swimming-pool is safe for kids and parents don’t need to worry about them. You can have rest in lounge chairs or in the restaurant near the swimming-pool.

Roofed playgrounds can be used in any weather protecting from the sun and rain. There are slides, swings and merry-go-rounds at the playgrounds. Every weekend the park holds creative master classes and games with entertainers. Also, there are performances of local modern dancers, magicians and other talented people worth watching.

Game club is a spacious hall with hundreds of toys, a labyrinth for little kids, a place where children and parents can draw, read books, play with construction kits. The game room has an airconditioner that’s why if you and your kid are tired of playing under the sun this is the best place for rest.

Food for kids

Thai cuisine has a big variety of spicy dishes that is not suitable for kids. The best alternative is rice, soup, pasta or European cuisine. Different fresh fruits will be certainly appreciated by children and parents.

But be careful about local fruit shakes. Thai fruit shakes are made with big amount of ice.

Family restaurant

On Rawai VIP Villas territory you can find family restaurant Love Rawai Café with kids menu. Family hotel guests are provided with breakfasts in buffet there. You will get free breakfasts if you make a direct booking through the website.

Rawai Promenade restaurants

300 meters away from villas on Rawai Promenade you can find more than 10 restaurants with different cuisine: European, Japanese, Thai, Russian. Perhaps, Rawai has the best choice of restaurants in Phuket.

Living with kids

The main expense in a family trip is accommodation. When more than 2 adults with kid are going to trip, they usually have no choice but to book 2 rooms in a hotel what is not convenient sometimes.

Rawai VIP Villas is a family project with 2-6 bedroom villas, living-rooms, fully furnished kitchens and private swimming-pools. For example, 4 adults and 2 kids up to 4-5 years can comfortably live in 2 bedroom villa. You can ask for a baby crib for your little kid to place it in one of the bedrooms.

The price of a villa can be compared with the price of the room in a luxury family hotel, however, living conditions will be much better.

You will have the whole house with own swimming-pool. You will be able to cook in a fully furnished kitchen. Separate bedrooms with en suit bathrooms are convenient for two families.

Rawai VIP Villas guests will receive such services as cleaning, bed linen change, food delivery from the restaurant, everyday breakfasts, transfer from the airport.

A pleasant bonus for parents is a spa center and anti-aging clinic at the hotel territory.

Moving on the island

It’s convenient to rent a car to go to the beach, shops and entertainment centers. The cost of renting a car for one day can be compared to two trips by taxi on the island. Car rental for people traveling with kids is popular and economic.

At Rawai VIP Villas reception you can rent a car. Also there you can order a taxi, a minivan to any place of the island or Phuket sightseeing excursion.

We described what your vacation in Phuket will be like if you travel with kids. You can watch our short video One day with a family in Rawai VIP Villas. We will wait for you and try to make your vacation convenient and unforgettable!

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