Rawai is the Best Place to Stay in Phuket, Thailand

Located in the south of Phuket Island and surrounded by small tropical islands, Rawai is an appealing place to stay and relax in the midst of nature, away from busy roads and tourist crowds. The beauty of the turquoise Andaman Sea, hills, tropical trees and the charm of Thailand traditional island life are blended here with the conveniences of modern civilization.

Rawai 2019

Rawai is a southern district of Phuket and the most family-friendly traveling place.Rawai is a suitable district for travelers with kids thanks to beaches, landmarks, beachfront with restaurants and shops, kids park and the local atmosphere of a quiet area. The climate here's attractive for traveling all year round and well-developed infrastructure for tourist's leisure in Phuket is one more benefit. For sure, your journey to Phuket will never complete, if you didn't visit Rawai. Watch the video, plan your trip to Rawai and welcome to pool villa hotel Rawai VIP Villas with kids park Rawai Park. 🏖🏖🏖http://rawaivip.villas/?ref=fb Reservation department: +66-65-893-99-78, rsvn@rawaivip.villas

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Rawai provides tourists with a well-developed infrastructure, compared to the north of Phuket. Distances from Rawai: 42 km to the international airport (car ride takes about 50 minutes), ~ 17 km to the old town and the administrative center of Phuket – Phuket Town (30 minutes car ride), ~ 21 km to Patong (35 minutes car ride), the center of the island nightlife, ~ 16 km to the biggest shopping mall Central Phuket (26 minutes car ride).

What to Do in the South of Phuket

Take a walk along Rawai beach overlooking picturesque traditional Thai long-tailed boats. They are made of bamboo or other types of wood and used throughout the Andaman Sea. The boats have become an iconic sight of Thailand beaches. The front of the boat is decorated with colorful scarves and flower garlands. Scarves are often in red, white and blue, the color of the Thai flag. These boat decorations Thai sailors dedicate to the spirits of water and Mae Yanang, the spiritual goddess of journeys, to provide protection and good luck. Belief in spirits is strong in Thailand.

Famous Phuket seafood market opens in Rawai in the afternoon. Fishermen bring fresh shrimpssquidsoysterscrabsfish every day. Buy fresh seafood here, order to cook it in a restaurant opposite the market and enjoy your dinner overlooking the beach.

Rawai beach is used as a pier and a starting point for a day boat trip to the nearby Phuket Islands: Coral IslandRacha IslandsBon Island, etc. The boat ride to the nearest island takes just 15 minutes. Pristine white sand, untouched nature of the islands, transparent water, and beautiful views make sea trips a popular leisure activity in Phuket.

Viewpoints in Rawai, Phuket

The popular sunset spot is the breathtaking viewpoint Promthep Cape, the most southern point of Phuket, known as the “Cape of God”. Phi Phi Islands, Racha Yai and Racha Noi can be seen from there in clear weather conditions. Tourists come to Promthep Cape for panoramic photos, the best time of the day to visit is sunset. If you prefer quiet secluded places, there is another viewpoint in Rawai – Windmills, with a picturesque view of Nai Harn and Yanui beaches and Koh Man island.

Popular Beaches in Rawai, Phuket

Nai Harn beach is located not far from the Windmill viewpoint, surrounded by the hills and small islands. Nai Harn beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of Phuket and the favorite beach among European Phuket residents. There are few hotels on this beach, therefore it’s not overcrowded with tourists. Casuarina trees on the shoreline create a refreshing shadow in the sultry hours. The smooth white sand is enjoyable for the feet. There is a park with a lake next to the beach. Wild, small and secluded beaches, without sunbeds and other commercial goods for tourists, such as Yanui, become a rarity in Phuket. The cozy and picturesque beach situated in a quiet bay between the viewpoints mentioned above has become a popular place for wedding ceremonies.

Rawai Infrastructure

There are different places to stay in Rawai, Phuket, based on the tourists’ budget and preferences: 5-star resorts, budget hotels, authentic villas, family villas Rawai VIP Villas, apartments, condominiums. The variety of restaurants in Rawai can suit every taste: traditional Thai cuisineseafoodEuropean and international cuisinevegetarian and raw foodMacro and Villa Market supermarkets provide with local and European products. There are 24-hour convenience stores with essential goods, massage shops and SPA salons in Rawai. For a family holiday, kid’s park Rawai Park is a must-visit place, where you can spend a fun day or even a whole vacation. The park consists of 3 play areas suitable for any weather: an air-conditioned playroom with labyrinths and hundreds of toys, an indoor play area and a children’s pool with slides. There is a restaurant of Thai and international cuisine with a children’s menu in the kid’s park.

Welcome to the south of Phuket, Rawai!

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