What is monsoon season in Phuket, Thailand

Let us examine what’s the monsoon season in Phuket is about. How bad is monsoon season in Phuket? What to do in case of rain or hot while you’re on a family trip? And why the rainy season in Phuket is suitable for traveling here.

With a tropical climate, the weather in Phuket varies between two seasons – it is the high season from October to May and the low season from May to October.
The high tourist season lasts from December till the end of March. The weather is great, beaches are calm with emerald clear water, there is hardly a cloud in the sky during the whole season.

The low rainy season is also known as a green season, rich in fruits and vegetables and climate is suitable for tourists. Even during the coldest period in Phuket, the temperature doesn’t go under +25 degrees. As for the rains, mostly it rains at nights. Morning air after the rain is fresh and nature is full of bright colors – green trees and colorful blooms. Calm sea in the low season is not unusual as well as sunny weather.

Traveling during the green season has benefits such as the lowest prices for hotels – up to -50% from the prices of the high season, tourist services, and extra pleasant one is the absence of a large number of tourists.

For the beach lovers during the green season, the sea may be a bit stormy and waves can come to some beaches. This situation is controlled by the red flags meaning ‘No Swimming’. Even it looks like a calm sea, undercurrents may be lurking beneath the surface. So, do not neglect them. However, there’re beaches without waves in Phuket during this period too: Tri TrangAo SenNaiYangAo YonFriendship.

Another option to find a calm sea is to go to the islands by boat. As an example, Racha and Coral islands are not so far from Phuket, around 30 minutes by speedboat from Rawai beach.
Over the last years, Phuket infrastructure has been developing fast and you can easily find a lot of entertainment on the island suitable for you in any weather. Just make research before your trip. If you find yourself in Phuket during the rain or under a full blaze of the sun, it might be a good time to explore different places in Phuket except for the beaches.

Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Asia and hotels are developing their inside infrastructure too. Some hotels provide facilities that cover the question “What to do” for 100% offering well-developed infrastructure. For example, family pool villa resort Rawai VIP Villas includes a kids park, a spa, a wellness clinic, a restaurant and the head office of Phuket9 company. Projects of Phuket9 company might be interesting for people who are looking for investment projects in Phuket.

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