Giving Happy Childhood to Your Children

What does happy childhood mean? What are the main criteria of it? And what should parents do to make their kids happy and content?

Within the last 100 years, a lot of things changed. In comparison to nowadays, the last century appears to be significantly different in terms of child protection, social security, education, medical support. Today less and fewer children in different countries suffer from malnutrition, lack of education, child labor, and even early marriages and pregnancy. All of these deprived children of their childhood forcing them to grow up faster than it’s supposed to be. 

The survey shows that even since 2000 the overall situation has improved for children. This is the result of many countries’ political and economic projects aimed at increasing children social security. Even the poorest countries can see the huge progress, fewer children die at the age of under 5 years, child labor is not used that much as before and the whole attitude to children lives are rapidly changing.

Nowadays every parent tries to extend the childhood for their baby and the limit between childhood and adulthood is not so blurred anymore. According to the End of Childhood report prepared by Save The Children organization, Singapore got a first place among the countries for a better life with children. Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway followed Singapore. Year by year these countries occupy the top positions in the list of countries providing happy and healthy lives to children and win the contest of best countries to live in. So by these examples let’s figure out what is the secret of happy and content childhood.

The Key Aspects of Happy Childhood 

First of all, the time spent together with the whole family is the most valuable time. The busy life of modern parents often stops them from spending time with their children. And modern children are very often lured away by interesting gadgets like mobile phones, video games, TV. In this situation, it is crucially important to make some breaks in this hectic life and give children a feeling of family, team, togetherness. It may be simple walks in the park, cooking dinner together or having some common hobby. This coziness of home and family time are the basic element in building a happy childhood for Scandinavians and they call it hygge. The concept of hygge is seen as essential in bringing up children.

Secondly, every child needs only a positive atmosphere at home. Creating a good environment will help to bring up mentally healthy children. Parents should give a good example showing love not only to a child but also to each other. This will cultivate kindness, understanding, and care in a child. Being reasonably strict on the one hand and flexible on the other hand will help to keep the balance and make a child realize what is right and what is wrong.

Finally, playing games and having fun together have a great role in bringing up a kid. This is a simple but bonding pastime that not only brings joy and relaxation but also helps to better understand a child’s needs, wishes, worries, so in the future, your child will treat you as the closest person in their life, share everything with you and value Family.

Children grow up very fast so don’t miss any precious moment connected with this best time of their lives. The most family-friendly resort in Phuket offers the kids park Rawai Park for everyone to visit. If your child is under 5 years old then, for sure, you will enjoy it.

Best Place to Make Your Children Happy – Kids Park in Phuket

Rawai Park has 3 play areas:

  1. Roofed playground with slides, swings, toy cars.
  2. Air-conditioned kids club with many toys, ball pit and places for having rest.
  3. Water area – a shallow 40 cm deep swimming-pool with water slides and floats. Swimming-pool is surrounded by benches and sunbeds so that parents can sit there and look after their children.

All play areas can be used by adults also so parents can have fun with their children, take photos. In the kids club, there is a special space where parents and children can draw or read together.

Near the swimming pool, the restaurant Love Rawai Cafe is located. It offers Thai and International cuisine and for the little guests, there is a special kids menu. Café has WIFI so if parents feel fine to let their children play with other kids, they will never get bored using the free internet, reading news or even working online.

Rawai Park is the place for the whole family, everyone can find something to do there. And for those who are looking for an accommodation near the park, Rawai VIP Villas resort offers private pool villas and grants its guests free and unlimited access to the kid’s park.

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