Thailand Trip for the First Time: Things to Consider

Many things need to be considered when you are choosing a vacation destination. One of the factors that may influence your decision – meeting the budget. That’s why a lot of people today choose Thailand, Phuket in particular. Thailand tourist industry is well developed and the country welcomes millions of travellers every year. Big choice of hotels – from budget little cozy hotels to luxurious 5 star resorts, hot weather all year round, exotic food, strikingly beautiful nature – this is Thailand and you need to visit it just once in a life. So below are the main things to be considered for your first Thailand trip. Let’s say, your destination is incomparable Phuket island – the most frequent choice of both – families and single travellers.

Weather: Phuket Seasons

Phuket and nearby islands are a paradise for beach lovers. Phuket seasons are divided into two – high tourist season and low monsoon season. From November to May, during the high tourist season, there is no waves at the sea, the water is calm and of turquoise color. During this season the sky is clear most of the time and you can make your plans for swimming and sunbathing without worrying about the rain.

From May to November the waves come and there appear swimming area restrictions for safety. It is called monsoon season. During this season it may be rainy from time to time, but still, people love to come in order not to suffer from the heating sun. More information about the seasons you can read in the article What is Monsoon Season in Phuket, Thailand. Maybe it will help you to decide what month is better for you to travel.

Entertainment: Phuket Activities

For many years Thailand hosts tourists with different tastes and budgets from those who are looking for party night life to those who want a quiet family vacation. And Phuket can offer any kind of entertainment so Phuket activities include entertainment for families as well as for party lovers.

Usually party lovers go directly to Patong district. Patong is famous for Bangla Road – a street full of bars and nights clubs. Also a big shopping mall Jungceylon is located there. The area is rather busy so for people who don’t mind this hustle and bustle – wide range of hotels to stay. For families we would recommend to choose another area to live – Karon, Kata, Rawai, etc.

If you settle on Phuket for you family holiday, you may be sure your family will not get bored on this island. Every year we see people coming for vacation even with little babies and there is no trouble about that.

80% successful family getaway is the choice of the right family-friendly hotel located in a well developed area. There is a lot in any area of Phuket. You may pay attention to the hotels that already include daily breakfastskids’ room or playgrounds so there is no need to stress yourself about these details. Parents also want to have rest!

20% – planned pastime for the whole family in sunny and rainy weather. Look through the list of family activities in Phuket and make some plan where you can go with the family – Family Activities in Phuket for Any Weather.

Food: Dining Options in Phuket

One of the most frequent questions tourists have before coming to Thailand for the first time – what about the food there? Is everything spicy? Is there any option of European food?

Thailand is known for its local cuisine all over the world. Thai food is very delicious but, to be honest, most of the dishes are rather spicy. If you really want to try unique Thai food but don’t eat spicy food, don’t hesitate to tell a waiter “No spicy” or “Mai sai plik” which means “Don’t put chili” in Thai language. The most popular Thai dishes, what is worth trying, how to order – in the article Thai Food – Features, Serving, Popular Dishes.

In case Thai food is not for you, you can order European food in almost every restaurant. Huge choice of dining spots – ItalianRussianChineseJapaneseMexican cuisine – anything you want.

Exotic, authentic, with stunning views and white sand beaches, Phuket is one of a kind and highly likely that you will fall in love with it after the first visit.

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