Top 5 Beaches and Islands of Rawai

Rawai boasts of many extraordinary beaches. Here are five of our favorite beaches and a couple of islands for you to check out.

Rawai boasts of many incredible beaches

Almost every beach in the area has fine white sand and calm, crystal clear blue water. Many beaches are superb for snorkeling and diving.

We encourage visitors to take precautions to protect themselves from the sun. High strength suncream is indispensable. Many visitors reduce their exposure to the sun by visiting beaches in the early morning and late afternoon. At other times of the day you can enjoy sightseeing, city tours, island tours, shopping or night shows. These activities are outlined in separate articles.

We describe our favorite beaches on the island below.

Rawai Promenade

Developed beachfront just steps away from Rawai VIP Villas.

Beachfront cafe on Rawai Promenade

The entire coastline of Rawai Beach is framed by tall trees where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the many shaded beachfront cafés and restaurants. There is a wide selection of international and Thai food, bakeries and coffee shops.

Rawai Promenade

Rawai beach isn’t ideal for swimming because there are many docked boats along the coast. However, it’s a perfect place for walking. A walk along the beachfront is a great way to enjoy the area vibrancy. At low tide you can see many stones and collect seashells which hobbyists are going to love for sure.

Long-tail boat at Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is also a major hub for activities and a jumping-off point for excursions. Tours and trips to many nearby islands depart regularly from the beachfront. If you already know which island you would like to visit but don’t see it on a list, you can always negotiate with the captain.

Nai Harn Beach

Five kilometers away. Breathtaking beach and sporting hub.

Nai Harn Beach, Rawai, Phuket

Naiharn Beach is stunningly beautiful. It is listed as one of the 10 best beaches in Asia and one of the best beaches in Thailand in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Beach Awards.

Nai Harn Beach, Rawai, Phuket

Whether you would prefer a shaded spot under the palm trees or a place in the sun, there’s plenty of room on this dazzling white sand beach. A huge advantage is a river (which you can see on the right) with warm and clear water which is fun and safe for kids Naiharn kid’s corner.

Shops and cafes on Nai Harn Beach

Slightly up the beach there are restaurants, markets and shops with fruits. Naiharn beach is perfect for swimming and surfing during the “low” season from May to October when waves tend to be larger.

Yanui Beach

An enchanting small cove four kilometers away.

Yanui Beach, Rawai, Phuket

Yanui beach is a sheltered cove with fine-grained white sand and incredibly clear azure waters. It is located between Promthep Viewpoint and Naiharn Beach.

Sunset on Yanui Beach, Rawai, Phuket

Yanui is just four kilometers away from the Rawai VIP Villas community or five minutes by car. This little cove is ideal for snorkeling and it is beloved by many families. At Yanui you can rent masks with snorkels, kayaks or Stand Up Paddleboards.

Koh Kaeo

Koh Kaeo, Rawai

Ko Kaeo Yai must be an Icon island for Rawai area — just look at its shape — the real heart of Rawai! Love Rawai team is probably the first who made such photos of this island and it is so inspiring. The island also has a soul — the Buddhist temple and the golden Buddha monument. You are free to visit anytime, just hire a longtail boat at Rawai Promenade, it is 15 minutes to go.

Ao Sane Beach

One of the secret beaches of Rawai. Six kilometers away.

Ao Sane Beach, Rawai. Phuket

This rocky beach is located in the shade of tall trees on the southwest coast of Phuket. Since this beach is relatively unknown, amenities are less extensive than elsewhere; there are small bungalows and a restaurant nearby.

Ao Sane Beach, Rawai. Phuket

Although relatively few tourists know of the beach, it is very popular among divers and snorkelers because it is exceptionally beautiful underwater. You can rent all the necessary equipment and hire an instructor at the beach. We also love the homemade swing hanging from the palm tree where you can sit and forget about everything.

Laem Ka Beach

A hidden beach with quiet waters all year round. Two kilometers away.

Laem Ka Beach, Rawai, Phuket
A small, cozy, sandy and rocky beach on the eastern side of Rawai. This beach is a picturesque place with giant coconut trees.

Laem Ka Beach, Rawai, Phuket

Here you’ll find both shaded spots and areas perfect for sunbathing. This beach has no waves all year round, so it’s great for swimming, particularly for families.

Bon Island Beaches

Beautiful island two kilometers away.

Bon Island, Rawai, Phuket

Bon Island is a small, beautiful island that is just 15-20 minutes away from Rawai Beach by a longtail boat. The island is best suited for day trips.

Beach Restaurant on Bon Island, Rawai

It has two beautiful white sand beaches, extensive corals and superb views. It also boasts of a renowned restaurant (run by an Englishwoman named Dawn) which serves quality local food.

Coral Island (Koh Hey)

Coral Island, Koh Hey

Koh Hey, also known as Coral Island – Koh Hey Phuket, is only 10 minutes by a speedboat from Rawai Promenade. This fairly large island drowning in greenery has beautiful beaches with developed infrastructure. Every day Banana Beach hosts hundreds of tourists from Phuket who come here to enjoy all kinds of tropical vacation. Here you can dive with a scuba, swim with a mask, enjoying dozens of species of bright fish, a parachute for a speedboat, ride a water ski or simply sunbathe on the beach. You can have a snack in a restaurant hidden by the hotel in the shade of palms, and in the evening, on the beach, there is a small bar with cocktails. Once in Phuket, be sure to visit.

Banana Beach, Coral Island

Racha Yai Island

Racha Yai, Phuket

Just 25 minutes by a speedboat from the Rawai Promenade and you will be on the island of Racha Yai. It’s just an amazing place! The island preserves pristine beauty, and the color of water in the Bungalow and Siam Bays competes in its saturation with the famous Similan islands. Behind the dazzling white beaches in the shadow of this jungle five-star hotels are located. Here is a spa complex which was recognized as the best in the world in 2017. There is no transport on the island, and all guests can safely walk along the paths that lead to both the western and the eastern coast, which allows you to admire both the dawns and romantic sunsets. In the coastal waters there are a huge number of bright tropical fish and coral reefs, which can be watched with the help of scuba and just swimming with a mask and snorkel. If you have never been there yet, then certainly include the island of Racha Yai at the route of your journey.

Racha Yai, Phuket


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