New family villas resort in Phuket
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Rawai VIP Villas Resort

Spa & Massage Facilities

Spa & Massage Facilities

Recommended SPA salons informations and prices.
Traditional Thai and oil massage shops nearby.


Kim’s Massage


Kim’s Massage parlor is located at the heart of Rawai Beach Road. Its spacious two-story building offers a cozy interior and a friendly atmosphere that envelopes you from the first minute. All massage therapists at Kim’s are skilled professionals who have a genuine love for their work.

In the list of services offered, you’ll find several types of massage as well as package offers that harmoniously combine massage services with body scrubs using natural oils and herbs. The combination of reasonable prices, high quality service, and relaxing enjoyment makes for a superb experience. The cost of a massage starts from 350 baht for an hour-long session. Package deals and massages with oils and herbs start at 600 baht.

SPA Phuket

SPA Phuket’s unique interior is shrouded in greenery, and evokes a sea breeze. They offer excellent service and hospitality as well as quality services for the care of the body, face and hair, restoring vitality and energy with the use of cosmetics made from natural oils, exotic plants and herbs. Staff at SPA Phuket have years of experience in ancient Thai healing techniques. They combine their skills with modern equipment for an unparalleled customer experience.

Sukko SPA


The Sukko spa is located in the eponymous hotel. Majestic columns surrounded by decorative pools and dim warm light set the mood as you are greeted by friendly, smiling staff. The philosophy of Sukko spa is to care for client’s physical well-being through the observance of rituals based on ancient Thai medicine. Traditional massages, heat recovery techniques and natural herbs are used to bring the body and mind into a state of equilibrium.

Oasis SPA


The Oasis Spa is a small world of beauty, peace and joy. Skillful professionals use a combination of secret Thai techniques and advanced technology to provide a superlative experience. The tropical-style interior creates an atmosphere of boundless pleasure, and the abundance of greenery, in conjunction with the Thai tradition of hospitality, will immerse you in a world of delight .

Visitors can spend as little as an hour or as much as a day at the Oasis Spa. You can choose from a variety of offerings, including facilities for body care and hair care, body scrubs, body wraps, facial treatments, body massage, whirlpools, herbal baths and more. The Oasis Spa tailors an individual approach for each client, helping them to achieve a state of serenity, beauty and good health.

Mom Tri’s SPA Royale

moms tri

Located on a rocky cliff on the coast of Kata Noi Beach, Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is a luxurious boutique – hotel with a restaurant, library, curio shop, fitness center and swimming pool. The complex is sheltered by by tropical gardens, but it boasts magnificent sea views and private beach access. Spacious and pleasantly decorated massage and treatment rooms, with private baths and herbal baths, are located around the pool.

Mom Tri Spa Royale’s blend of natural setting and luxurious treatments makes for a fantastic experience. Talented professionals use fresh fruits, tonic teas, relaxing aromas, natural oils, herbs and blends of essential oils in their scrubs and wraps. Their work will restore your inner calm and give you a fully relaxed, fresh and rested appearance.

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