New family villas resort in Phuket
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Rawai VIP Villas Resort



 Restaurant at Rawai VIP Villas offers breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as in-room service for the villas.

Love Rawai Cafe

at Rawai VIP Villas and Kids Park

love rawai restaurant food

Our brand new restaurant opened and serving breakfasts, lunches and dinners for everyone from 9am to 9pm.

restaurant love rawai location

Love Rawai Cafe offers thai and international food, buffets, soft drinks, fresh juices and shakes, and choice of wine and beer.

love rawai salad with salmon

Breakfast buffets for the Rawai VIP Villas guest start from 7 am.

welcome to love rawai cafe

Welcome to the one of a kind family restaurant in Rawai. See more and follow us:


Other restaurants within walking distance

There are more than hundred restaurants on the Rawai Beachfront alone. Some of the cuisines they offer include Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, German and American food.

Salad Memory Beachfront Cafe

breakfast in rawai beachfront

Salad Memory is one of the beachfront cafes in Rawai beach, it is just 300 meters from Rawai VIP Villas and offers huge choise of salads, international ciusine, thai foods. The place is perfect for breakfast – fresh breeze and beautiful views on Bon and Coral islands, which you can visit when you finish your meal by hiring a longtail boat.

Baan Kanom Cafe and Bakery

breakfast and bakery on rawai beach

Baan Kanom Bakery is a tiny cafe located on Rawai Beachfront. Its name means House of Cookies in Thai. Their menu offers all-day-breakfasts, salads, Club Sandwiches, cakes and Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. Baan Kanom is a great destination if you’re feeling hot outside and looking to cool down.

Moo’s Restaurant

moo restaurant thai food rawai breakfast

Moo’s is the premier Thai restaurant for all Thais and Expats in Rawai. The restaurant is packed in the morning and late evening, so if you visit at these times you may need to wait as long as 20-40 minutes for your order. Nevertheless, the staff are very friendly and efficient, so if you do come at those times you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

Morning is the best time for Dim Sum. You should choose yours yourself and ask the waiter to warm them up. They will prepare it for you and bring the food to your table. There is a great selection of Thai cuisine in their menu. If you’re unsure where to start, you should try fried rice, tim yum and pad priuan. Be aware that these things are too filling to have at the same time though. Enjoy your breakfast!

Rawai Beachfront Restaurants

rawai beachfront restaurants

Rawai beachfront is full of restaurants. There are well over a dozen quality restaurants within walking distance that expats and locals choose to frequent. All of these restaurants offer Thai food and seafood. Just turn left on the main road when you’re leaving from Rawai VIP Villas and choose the one you like the most.

Nikita’s Restaurant

nikita restaurant lunch in rawai

Imagine a restaurant nestled underneath the branches of a huge tree right on the coast. It serves Thai and international cuisine: fish, lobster, seafood, traditional Thai dishes, pasta and pizza cooked in a brick oven. Rich chocolate cakes and ice creams ravish the senses. Quality dishes are served to satisfy any taste: sweet and sour sauce, tempura, your choice of grilled meat, chicken or seafood in a spicy salad or soup with coconut milk. The freshest seafood, never frozen. Classic Thai cuisine is prepared magnificently with a local touch. And yes, it’s right on the beach.

Flip Side

burgers in rawai

Flip Side restaurant is owned by the same person who own Nikita’s. This restaurant is more modern and has many European influences. If you visit the restaurant you should definitely try Flip Side’s burgers and beer, one of its specialties. It’s cooked with a special recipe and addition of spices, which give it a unique tang. In the drinks menu, there are many delicious fruit smoothies to enjoy, and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the large selection of beers!

Seafood Market

seafood market rawai dinner

A fascinating place! This is a great area to experience some local color. There is a huge range of freshly caught oysters, mussels, prawns, lobsters, sharks and many other incredibly delicious things. Almost any seafood you can imagine is available at an affordable price. Best of all, there are cafés nearby where you come with your fresh seafood and they cook it to your recipe! Besides the seafood, there is a huge selection of souvenirs for sale which come from all over the island.

Mando Steakhouse

mando steakhouse in rawai

This restaurant is perfect in all aspects: the location on the waterfront of the south of the island, quality of service, perfect steak, wine list and cocktails. You’ll always want to come with your loved ones and spend the evening at Mando’s.


Japanese sushi restaurant

You can’t live without Japanese food? Well, how about a Japanese restaurant overlooking the ocean? An amazing view, with the ocean right across the street! It’s a well-known fact that portions in Thailand are slightly larger than in other countries, and usually, ordering a set of rolls leaves you wanting more. In this restaurant, think twice! The size of the rolls are a lot larger than usual; keep this in mind when ordering.


viking restaurant rawai

Viking Restaurant is located just inland on Kata Road. It has a very good selection of Thai and European dishes. We recommend trying the hamburgers or tenderloin stew. The restaurant is owned and operated by a Danish husband and a Thai wife. Viking is beautifully decorated, with black wooden floors and a striking exterior facade.

24/7 Convenience Stores

A further advantage of the Rawai VIP Villas’ central location is the ease of access to convenience stores that never close. You’ll always be able to get anything you need, at any time.


seven eleven in rawai

7-eleven is within easy walking distance of the Rawai VIP Villas, and it stocks a very wide range of Asian and Western style goods. You can find everything here from energy drinks to sushi.

Family Mart

family mart rawai beach

Family Mart is the largest convenience store chain in Japan. The store close to the complex has quality Japanese products, western goods and local Thai foods at affordable prices.

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