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Rawai VIP Villas Resort

Things to do

Things to do

Beachfront promenade, beaches, sighseeings – places to see and to visit when you’re in Rawai.

Rawai Beach

rawai beach activities

Rawai Beach is the heart of southern Phuket. Here you will find dozens of restaurants providing local and international cuisines, bars with live music and billiards, massage parlors, mini markets, seafood markets, souvenir shops, shops with pearls, stunning residential pool villas and more.

rawai beach, phuket

The Beachfront is massive. It has an area of around 30,000 square meters. At least half of that is framed by beautiful tall palm trees with branches that provide shade. While both locals and visitors love to relax or picnic in these shaded spots, there are so many that most of these palm trees are not being used at any given time. With such astounding vibrancy, this is a great area to experience Phuket.

rawai vip villas on beach

Rawai Pier


Walking along the pier, you’re always taken over by a certain mood. It soothes the soul, and gives a deep sense of peace and tranquility. This is the perfect place for a contemplative stroll, and a great place to sit. The pier is located close to jewelry shops, a seafood market and numerous souvenir stores. It is also within easy walking distance of many quality local restaurants. You might enjoy a delicious fresh meal after a walk.

Promthep Cape Viewpoint


Promthep Cape is world renowned for spectacular views. This area is the southernmost point of the island, where a thin, forested spur of rock dovetails into crystal clear waters. From here, viewers can enjoy incredibly beautiful views of nearby islands and far out to sea. No stay on Phuket is complete without a visit to the viewpoint.

promthep cape view point

A restaurant at Promthep Cape allows visitors the opportunity to dine while enjoying the view. A local market provides distinctive clothing, souvenirs and jewels. One can descend down to the sea or go around the cape comfortably on the beach.

souveniers near promthep

A sunset at Promthep Cape is an experience beyond compare. This is a magical place. If you watch the sun sink below the waves, forested islands glinting like a string of pearls in clear water, you will feel truly lucky to have experienced it in your lifetime.

Windmill Veiwpoint


Windmill Viewpoint provides stunning views out over Phuket, the surrounding small islands and the sea. Its name comes from several white wind turbines near the summit. It is located at the top of a hill between Nai Harn and Ya Nui beach. Spectacular vistas along Cape Promthep are visible to the south, the beauty of Nai Harn beach extends to the north and the lush island of Koh Man is opposite. There are refreshments and authentic souvenirs for sale at the viewpoint.

Naiharn Lake and Sport Hub


Naiharn Lake evokes a feeling of country living. Imagine you are walking around the lake, someone enjoying a jog is overtaken by a band of cyclists, a small group of people engaging in yoga in the shade, while the children play on the playground next to their parents, who settled in the shade of the trees. Near the lake is a brightly colored Buddhist temple. And all this smoothly flows into a long beach. Sounds impossible, right? But no, this place really exists! See it for yourself for an authentic taste of local life.

Naiharn lake and Naiharn Temple

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